Dollars to Performance

What makes Top Shelf lens different from the cheaper versions on Ebay?


Top Shelf lenses are made in Japan, by a company that has specialized within  automotive glass for JGTC racing aftermarket and Japanese genuine domestic vehicle brands.


Top Shelf lenses go through hours of testing for vibration, weather, moisture, and heat to pass Japanese industrial standards.


Top Shelf lenses are NOT tinted, they incorporate 3-5 layers of color applied through vacuum disposition. Through this process our colors are brighter as well as more durable.


All fitment R&D is done on genuine mirror housings…..not “oem” or “syle” mirror housings.

Fitment is precise and correct the first time.

Function, Style, Rarity & Resale

In my opinion Top Shelf lenses are the best dollars to performance part you can install.

The wide angle lens provides a much wider field of view as well as dims the intensity of lights from behind.

The color of the lens makes it impossible to ignored from behind, while appearing OEM +, as if the lens came from the factory.

Top Shelf lenses are not a commercial item; made in limited quantity not everyone has them, therefore they are rare and hold their value.








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