It's Worth the Wait

There will always be those that argue that knock off parts are just as "good" as  the rare Japanese Domestic parts you have been saving towards.  

I disagree with this philosophy 100%. The truth is they have formed an opinion on something they have never owned or have no interest in obtaining. These individuals fail to understand the history behind these Japanese tuning shops.  It's this history that yields the rarity, authenticity, and quality of each and every part that they buy as knock offs.

When you buy authentic parts, you are buying something that has years of company history embodied within it.  There is a story behind every Japanese tuning shop and when you buy their parts you become a conduit to pass along this history with each pop of your hood to people that will ask you... "what is that, what company is that"?

Since these parts are not mass produced, nor are they sitting in bulk on a shelf in a warehouse, they instantly inherit a rarity to them that will aid in future resale value.  Coupled with that rarity is authenticity and quality, you have the genuine item where others have the substitute knock off version. No corners were cut within the composition, materials, or time expended to make your parts.

It may take you a month or even a year, but stick with buying authentic Japanese parts. You become one of a few individuals left to carry the message of the company's history and one of a few left with the privilege of displaying quality, rarity, and authenticity.

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