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Whats Coming Out Next?

In production: ✅2008-2014 Wrx/STi door lenses ✅Ganador replacement lenses  ✅More colors🤷‍♂️…….maybe, i value function over style so we shall see.

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Dollars to Performance

What makes Top Shelf lens different from the cheaper versions on Ebay? Production: Top Shelf lenses are made in Japan, by a company that has specialized within  automotive glass for JGTC racing aftermarket and Japanese genuine domestic vehicle brands. Testing: Top Shelf lenses go through hours of testing for vibration, weather, moisture, and heat to pass Japanese industrial standards. Color Top Shelf lenses are NOT tinted, they incorporate 3-5 layers of color applied through vacuum disposition. Through this process our colors are brighter as well as more durable. Fitment All fitment R&D is done on genuine mirror housings…..not “oem” or “syle” mirror housings. Fitment is precise and correct the first time. Function, Style, Rarity & Resale In my opinion Top Shelf...

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Convex lens color: which should I use, Yellow or Blue?

99% of people choose lens color based upon how cool it will look on their car, which is fine. Honestly i'm guilty of doing the same! But, for some clients depending on the region in which they live, color of the lens matters beyond the cosmetic. The blue mirror lens will filter and reduce the intensity of yellow light, and also make the environment appear cooler in tone, perfect for clients in regions where sunlight is intense. Yellow lens color is good for low-light conditions like the UK, the yellow lens will make the environment appear brighter, as well as filter and reduce the intensity of blue light. With that said, my preference in lens color comes down to how...

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It's Worth the Wait

There will always be those that argue that knock off parts are just as "good" as  the rare Japanese Domestic parts you have been saving towards.   I disagree with this philosophy 100%. The truth is they have formed an opinion on something they have never owned or have no interest in obtaining. These individuals fail to understand the history behind these Japanese tuning shops.  It's this history that yields the rarity, authenticity, and quality of each and every part that they buy as knock offs. When you buy authentic parts, you are buying something that has years of company history embodied within it.  There is a story behind every Japanese tuning shop and when you buy their parts you become...

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