Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Top Shelf & Rare Parts acquisition service?

  • You can expect honesty and professionalism.  We will be upfront with the cost, lead time, and condition of the items we source for you. We realize your money is hard earned, we will not play games with your time nor money. 

Is there an up front fee for rare parts sourcing?

  • No, we see no need to charge head hunting fees. If your rare part is sourced and you choose not to buy it that's okay. We have a healthy client base that more than likely is looking for the same part.

Who do you obtain your parts from?

  • Personal relationships over the past 5 years have developed into business relationships with private collectors within 4 different countries.  Our acquisition specialist have close relationships with these collectors, as well as tuner shop bosses within Japan and the United Kingdom. Each acquisition sourced comes from private parts collectors or established renowned Japanese tuning shops.

Are you a "JDM Importer" ?

  • Top Shelf & Rare Parts is NOT a "JDM Importer", we do not receive cargo containers full of random parts or engines....in fact we don't receive cargo containers of anything.  Our acquisition specialist deal with private collectors. 

Will my rare parts be sourced brand new?

  • Rare parts typically fall into 3 categories: brand new in box, used but in mint condition, and used needing to be repainted / repaired or re fiber glassed.

    It is our goal to source your items brand new in box, but in cases where only used items are available we will provide you with pictures of the sourced items condition.

How long does it take to source my parts?

  • We strive to source your parts within a week to two weeks, if the item you are seeking is discontinued it will take a bit longer to source your request.